November 06, 2004

Rabin, Sharon and the Board of Deputies: all self-haters

I found this by way of a denunciation of me on another website. Los Angeles based "analyst", Rachel Neuwirth, has written a blow by blow list of how to spot a Jewish anti-Semite and it makes uncomfortable reading for the likes of Neville Nagler, Ariel Sharon and the standard bearers of the tradition of limb-smasher Yitzhak Rabin.

See this, my comments are in italics:

In general, the following characteristics are often indicative of Jewish anti-Semites:

- Demanding full rights for all Arabs living inside Israel while also demanding that Jews must be expelled from any area where Arabs dominate numerically and from where they attack Jews. – Arabs in Israel
just happen to live there, they haven’t gone there as an armed activist (to say the least) movement

- Willingness to use deception and disinformation in the form of outright fabrications, exaggerations and selective omissions to attack Israel and its efforts at self-defense.  Need some examples here.

- Double standards: great concern for Arab suffering
vs. minimal lip service for Jewish suffering.  Who does this? Again we need some examples.

- No attempts to show solidarity with Jewish causes and to alleviate Jewish suffering with visits to victims of terror, or to help with funds or food for hungry and unemployed Israelis. What Jewish causes?

- Minimal personal involvement with traditional Jewish religious observance. You have to be religious to be a philo-Semitic Jew? Or you have to pretend to be?

- Will arbitrarily alter Judaic teachings and practice to support their anti-Israeli political agenda.  For 2,000 years Judaism was “arbitrarily alter[ed]” until it got "corrected" by the Zionist movement

- Advocating Israeli territorial concessions regardless of any resulting danger to security needs. Rabin and Sharon are self-haters? Then I definitely don’t want to be one.

- Ignoring, minimizing or even excusing the preaching and teaching of murderous hatred towards Israel, Zionism and Jews by Arab leaders and in Arab schools. Who does this? Mind you she has got close here....Close to what she is actually getting at. She means opposition to Zionism is anti-Semitism.

- Arguing that any support for Israel is somehow disloyal and harmful to American interests. 
Not me guv’nor but even if Jews were to argue that, that would hardly be anti-Semitic.

- Citing being Jewish as conferring some type of authority to speak legitimately as Jews or on behalf of other Jews. Attempting to exploit their accident of birth for political advantage, even against fellow Jews, could be considered a form of racism. Look out Neville Nagler and the
Board of Deputies and Abe Foxman and the ADL.(part I)

- Ignoring basic Jewish concerns, such Jewish education, opposing anti-Semitism, lobbying for Jewish rights and for disadvantaged Jews. How about making assumptions as to what constitutes a "basic Jewish concern"?

- Not addressing fellow Jews in the spirit of dialogue and respect for others' views. Their 'voice' is often strident, harsh, accusatory and inciting outsiders to join in condemning Israel and Zionism, including by means of economic boycotts. Look out Neville Nagler and the Board of Deputies and Abe Foxman and the ADL.(Part II)


- Strongly supporting the international Left, which, in turn, supports Israel's enemies. So you have to be right-wing not to be a self-hating Jew.  This means that
most adult victims of the holocaust were self-haters.

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