September 14, 2005

Almog should still worry

Apparently Doron Almog will have problems in Switzerland should he turn up there on a "humanitarian mission." Check this article from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.
Swiss law provides for the search for and prosecution of those responsible for ordering or commiting grave breaches of international humanitarian law. This legislation is based on the obligations set out in article 146 of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 1949 (the Fourth Geneva Convention). The authority to investigate such acts is granted to the Swiss Military Attorney General. Switzerland also enjoys particular status as the depository of the Geneva Conventions.
Meanwhile Daniel Machover, the hunan rights lawyer leading the charge (ouch!) against Almog said:
There needs to be a criminal investigation of the actions taken by Israeli embassy staff. They are not located here to assist Israelis to evade British justice.

Mr Machover also called for a police inquiry into how the information was leaked to the Israeli embassy and how the Israeli diplomat got through various layers of security at Heathrow to board the plane.
It could well have been someone fairly junior in the UK police or judiciary who tipped the Israelis off in the first place but for various Israelis to get Heathrow security onto the plane must have required someone (at least one) at a very senior level. This is scandal. Will it run? That rather depends on the tenacity of the lawyers and on media interest in this.

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