September 13, 2005

Israeli war crimes suspect tipped off: whodunnit?

Questions are now being asked as to who tipped off the Israelis about the intention to arrest one of their generals, Doron Almog, and charge him with war crimes. There are other questions too. The Israeli military attaché in London boarded the plane to advise Almog to stay put. How did he get through Heathrow's security staff and systems. Daniel Machover wants the police to investigate the whole shebang. And he's not alone:
Amnesty International criticised British police yesterday for failing to execute the warrant. "He could have been arrested; under UK law there is no reason for not arresting him once he's on UK soil," the human rights group said. Mr Almog was due to visit Jewish communities in Birmingham, Leicester and London to raise money for a centre for disabled children. His son Eran, 20, is severely disabled.
See that last bit. "His son Eran, 20, is severely disabled." And yet dad, it seems, goes out causing death and hideous injury to those Israel deems to be racially (sorry, religiously, culturally, nationally, linguistically) inferior. He then bleated to Channel 4 tonight that he was on a humanitarian mission.

More in the Guardian.

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