September 24, 2005

A cash cow to replace the holocaust industry?

Ha'aretz reports that the American Holocaust Industry is going after one last group of countries for holocaust "restitution." This is where a group of American hucksters go after a country using all the clout of the American state and of individual American states, threaten to tie a state or institution down in years of litigation and stains on its reputation, grossly inflate whatever could have been lost in the first place, and then inflate the number of holocaust survivors so as to inflate any compensation figure. Now the target is eastern Europe. The impact of this on the countries concerned could be quite harmful but the impact on the precious few Jews remaining in these countries could be devastating. But what does the Holocaust Industry care? Of course, Professor Norman Finkelstein puts all of this much better than I could.

Anyway, when the last few dominoes have fallen, what next? You'll recall recently hearing about the "ethnic cleansing" of Jews from Arab countries, yes? It's taken the zionists a while to cobble together this myth. It wouldn't have worked if too many survivors were alive because the movement of Jews from Arab states to Israel and elsewhere is a by no means straightforward story. So now not many people are around to blow the whistle on zionist involvement in the movement of Arab Jews to Israel a new industry is born. So when the zionists have squeezed the holocuast (including its victims) for all that they can, they will turn on the Arab states. I wonder which one will be first. The clearest case of the zionists themselves using terrorism to have Jews flee to Israel was in Iraq in the early 1950s. I'm betting they'll turn to Iraq first. Iraq also has the attraction, for the time being, of having a government dependent on US goodwill. But of course, this could simply be a gambit to get Palestinians to drop their legitimate claims against Israel.

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