September 24, 2005

In loving MEMRI

Ok, last post from the Jewish Chronicle for a while. Alex Brummer in his "In the media" column, puts up a spirited defence of MEMRI, the hard right zionist Middle East Media Resource Institute. He accuses George Galloway of shouting down an "innocent participant" in Radio 4's Any Questions because she referred people to I just happened to hear that programme and, like Alex Brummer, I can't remember the name of the law professor who recommended MEMRI. I do remember George Galloway saying, quite calmly, "it's an Israeli site". A grave injustice to those many Israeli sites that expose Israel's war crimes against the Palestinians but hardly shouting, ranting, or vicious as Brummer on this and previous occasions has said.

MEMRI is, at best, highly selective in its quotations. Some have said that its translations are suspect but that misses the point that MEMRI is a zionist site that propagates the view that you can know the Arab and Muslim worlds by their media.

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