December 25, 2005

Another Christmas in Bethlehem

Donald McIntyre invites donations to the Indy Appeal for educational support and more for Bethlehem's children.
No child in the Bethlehem area is unaffected by the psychological trauma of war - bedwetting, nightmares, reluctance to sleep alone, aggression and withdrawal, are all too common afflictions here. These are, after all, the children whose infancy has coincided with the intifada. But those, like Eyal, near the worst conflict points, are the most troubled.
The article explains what various donations can achieve:
* £25 pays for a teacher to attend a trauma counselling course to help children cope with the effects of war.

* £77 buys all the training materials and equipment needed to train a teacher in the West Bank for a year.

* £100 equips a kindergarten in the West Bank with essential play and learning materials.
And where they can be made:

* A Better Place: Donate now!

* A Better Place: Full appeal links.

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