December 25, 2005

The secret death of Iain Hook

I don't know why I just googled "Iain Hook" but on page two it showed up this BBC report from 16/12/2005.
A British UN project manager shot by an Israeli sniper was unlawfully killed, a UK inquest has concluded.

Iain Hook, 54, of Felixstowe, Suffolk, was in a UN compound in Jenin when he was shot in November 2002.

On Friday, jurors unanimously agreed Mr Hook, who was born in Essex, had been the victim of a "deliberate" killing.
This killing of a British UN worker by Israel has been treated as an official secret by the government and I don't recall anything on the broadcast news about it. I checked some UK ex-broadsheets for news of this and only the Times seems to cover it. The Telegraph, Guardian and Independent have all ignored it, unless, like me, they missed it first time round.

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