January 22, 2006

Observe this Nick Cohen!

Quite a crop of letters slagging the fraudster and famous gentile, Old Nick Cohen, in the Observer today. This is my favourite:
Nick Cohen does a good line in guilt by association. The anti-war movement has had millions of people marching against the war in Iraq and the subsequent occupation. And yet he feels he can undermine the movement by reference to the antics of the leader of the Respect coalition with a little over 10,000 members.

How about some analysis? If the Iraq war was about liberation and democracy, why do we support Uzbekistan? If it was about WMD, why do we tolerate Pakistan and India? And if it was about WMD and liberation and democracy, why tolerate Israel's oppression of the Palestinians and its possession of nuclear weapons?
It's by some guy called Mark Elf in Dagenham (wherever that is).

Nick Cohen has now deleted all 180 comments on his post on "anti-semitism". I saved them on a disk somewhere. I'll have to dig them up.

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