January 22, 2006

Will Galloway sue Engage, Norman Geras and Professor Kramer?

Lenin's Tomb has a post on Cambridge professor, Matthew Kramer's diatribe against George Galloway. The post is largely based on my own comments on this bizarre case but Lenin wonders if, indeed wishes, Galloway will sue. The smear campaign seems to be instigated by Professor Kramer, Norman Geras and David Hirsh unless these great academics are, themselves, falling for what seems to be a googlesmear.

I have already posted that Professor Kramer has said that his source for anti-semitic statements by Galloway is the comments box at a site called Harry's Place. He told my friend that the comments were to a post on 6/12/2005. It turns out that the most likely date for them is 7/12/2005. Still what's in a date? We're only talking about yet another tedious and false allegation of anti-semitism by three fairly well known "academics".

Norman Geras doesn't accept comments. Engage "moderates" them. That is it checks them for suitability. I asked what Galloway had said that was anti-semitic and the comment wasn't allowed. Professor Kramer has responded to my friend's email but only to refer him to Harry's Place. Quite a courageous triumvirate.

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