March 16, 2006

More on British duplicity

Here's a letter from Roland Rance in today's Guardian about collusion between Britain and Israel in the recent Israeli invasion of Jericho.
PFLP leader Ahmed Saadat was held without charge by the Palestine Authority under Israeli instructions. The PA has consistently refused to honour a ruling from the Palestinian supreme court four years ago, ordering Saadat's immediate release. So much for the rule of law. Israel insists Saadat was responsible for the murder of the right-wing cabinet minister Rehavam Ze'evi - an attack for which four other Palestinians were convicted in a Palestinian court. Meanwhile, nobody has been arrested or charged over the earlier murder by the Israeli army of Saadat's predecessor, Abu Ali Mustafa. The collusion of the British government in this display of double standards is another shameful act in the long history of British duplicity in the Middle East.
Roland Rance

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