March 16, 2006

Two new blogs, one topic

There are two recently established blogs hosted by the Guardian. One is that of George Galloway and the other is that of Professor Stephen Rose. Galloway's started with the Israeli invasion of Jericho.
Al-Jazeera is broadcasting footage of a brutal Israeli raid on a prison in the Palestinian town of Jericho.

In what looks like a pre-election stunt, the Israeli government is trying to seize Ahmed Sadaat, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and five of his comrades.

One Palestinian guard is already reported dead and there have been further casualties, according to al-Jazeera.
And did Professor Rose's:
Back in 1956, when Israel, France and Britain invaded Egypt, Anthony Eden's government tried to maintain the barefaced fiction that there was no collusion. Now this government has done the same, withdrawing UK monitors from Jericho prison to allow the Israelis (within 15 minutes) to storm the jail and capture for interrogation the prisoners held within. This morning the Foreign Office email site has been unavailable, preventing the wave of protest in this country from reaching Jack Straw's ears. Condoning or colluding in Israeli state terror is of course nothing new. Only a few weeks ago, Straw actually apologised to the Israeli government about the warrant issued for the citizens' arrest of an Israeli general charged with war crimes. The international court of justice finds Israel's apartheid wall illegal, but the UK government offers barely a whimper of protest; the double standards that pardon Israel any excess whilst threatening the Palestinians with sanctions because they have the audacity to elect - democratically - an inappropriate government are breathtaking. Of course, it isn't just the government. When the Church of England synod votes to disinvest from Caterpillar because its armoured militarised bulldozers are being used to demolish Palestinian houses illegally ­ and, incidentally, killing protesters like Rachel Corrie - the former Archbishop of Canterbury issues a grovelling apology and the chief rabbi claims that the divestment will increase the danger of anti-semitism. (Anti-semitism is the cheapest rallying cry of Israel's Zionist apologists and one that I, as one of Jewish ethnicity, find particularly nauseating.) And then, of course, there is the Richard Rogers affair, where the architect was forced to crawl to Jewish interests in New York to save his contracts because his office hosted a meeting of architects and planners, which called on their colleagues not to participate in building and related contracts associated with illegal Israeli activities in the occupied territories.
Both have commenting facilities, unlike some pro-Gulf war zionists I could mention, if I haven't already.

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