April 30, 2006


Here's a nice letter in Observer today responding to a Will Hutton comment last week.
Explain yourself, Will Hutton

Will Hutton (Comment, last week) refers disparagingly to 'reflex anti-Americanism', echoing one of Tony Blair's favourite phrases - 'kneejerk anti-Americanism'. This can't go unchallenged. I am anti-American, but there is nothing kneejerk about it: my position is rational and evidence-based.

Specifically, I am anti the present US Administration, a toxic alliance of free-market extremists, religious fundamentalists and neo-imperialist wackos. With their ill-conceived 'war on terror' and their delusional stance on climate change, these people represent the gravest threat to peace, the rule of international law and the continuance of life on our planet.

Can Hutton name a single admirable achievement of Bush and his cronies? For every one, I'll happily give him 10 counter-examples: Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Falluja, extraordinary renditions - how long have you got? Just because Blair hasn't got the principles or the balls to criticise any of this doesn't mean the rest of us should have our views marginalised by these snide put-downs. I invite Will Hutton to explain why any intelligent person should not be anti-American.
Michael Rundell
Canterbury, Kent
Here's the The Will Hutton comment. It's on the stupid Euston Manifesto. There's a better demolition of it here.

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