April 30, 2006

Israel re-routing the wall around the "demographic problem"

From the Irish Examiner, apparently Israel is to re-route its wall through the West Bank to firm up on the "demographic balance" of Jews to Arabs within the wall.
Israel’s Cabinet today voted to modify the route of its contentious West Bank separation barrier to put thousands of Palestinians on the "Palestinian" side of the enclosure, officials said.

The Palestinians, who live in the area of the Jewish settlement of Ariel, were slated in the original proposal to be included on the "Israeli" side of the barrier, officials said.
While this is going on, according to the Jerusalem Post, Kadima is in talks with Israel Beitenu. Israel Beitenu is a predominantly Russian party that wants the wall to exclude even Israeli Arabs. This is hardly a significant departure from the zionist project as it has been implemented since the inception of the State of Israel but the openness as to the racist nature of the project is kind of new.

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