May 13, 2006

Complaint to Engage

A chap called Dov, who I would say is broadly supportive of Engage, has posted a complaint about the abusiveness of some other Engage supporters under the Irene Bruegel post.
Is it just me, but I am finding some of the comments distateful. I am also getting pretty fed up with having to wade through a load of juvenile insults. If some of the contributors wish to chat amongst themselves and call others names, then I would rather they did not use Engage as a forum for so doing.

I have little sympathy for Elf's views and disagree on many occassions with Deborah Fink's and Deborak Maccoby's. Yet, I think it right to grant them the respect that we should expect from them. Either engage with their arguments, ignore them or refute them, but please do not reduce this forum to the level of a school playground.
I really don't have time for all of this!
I don't know who the moderator is at Engage but they clearly breach their own professed principles with some of the comments they allow through. Of course most of their supporters are willfully dishonest but some who post pseudonymously just hurl insults and transparent lies around and no one among their supporters, until this Dov chap came along, has spoken out against this practice. Of course, it isn't simply the abusive liars who are to blame, it is the moderators, whoever they are.

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