May 13, 2006

Jewish Chronicle letter by Deborah Fink

Here's a letter by Deborah (the Diva) Fink published in yesterday's Jewish Chronicle which is pay for subscription only.
Balance and the BBC

The organised Jewish community seems disappointed that the BBC report did not find the Corporation to be biased against Israel.

That the report points out that the BBC should reflect the imbalance between the Israeli and Palestinian societies does not imply, as BICOM Chief executive Daniel Shek suggests, that the BBC find imbalance acceptable. It simply means that the situation should be shown for what it is - unbalanced. BBC coverage, as it currently stands, shows Israeli deaths far more than Palestinian deaths, despite the fact that three times as many Palestinians have been killed. Neither does it [not] make it clear that the Palestinians are the ones who are living under occupation and having their basic human rights abused. By doing this, Israel is made to look as if it is the main victim when it is the oppressor.

Of course BICOM, the Board of Deputies and Zionist Federation are worried, but then they are more concerned with Israel's image than the reality. In the end, good PR and spin will not be enough to cover up the truth.

Deborah Fink
Deborah is one of the people routinely either censored or abused or both on the Engage site that "Dov" complained about. It's informative that whilst the JC published her letter as she wrote it, Engage tend to prevent her from posting there, or if they allow it, they censor those who support her arguments whilst permitting torrents of abuse against her. I hope that Engage's antics are noted by the NATFHE delegates when they vote on a a boycott of Israeli academia.

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