October 13, 2006

Canadian Liberals "anti-Israel"

A report in the Toronto Star has the Canadian Prime Minister branding all of the candidates for the leadership of Canada's Liberal Party, anti-Israel. My first thought was "what's wrong with that?" Then I noticed, well, I finally took notice of the fact that Michael Ignatieff is in the running and is one of this new "anti-Israel" brigade. Apparently Ignatieff has called the bombing by Israel of the civilian target of Qana, a "war crime." Well his position hasn't been that straightforward look:
In late July, Israeli war jets killed as many as 28 civilians in a strike aimed at Hezbollah guerrillas, who had been raining rockets on Israel from Lebanon.

On Sunday, Ignatieff who had previously said the deaths wouldn’t cost him any sleep, sparked controversy during an appearance on a French-language television program when he revisited the event.

“What happened in Qana was a war crime,” Ignatieff told Radio-Canada.

“I should have said that. That’s clear.”

Speaking at a law-and-order announcement in Toronto, Harper called the war-crime accusation a “serious charge” and made it clear he didn’t share the view.

None of the seven leadership candidates rushed to Ignatieff’s defence but they saved their strongest criticism for Harper, accusing him of polarizing the country.
Norman Finkelstein announces Ignatieff's about turn thus:
Another rat scurries off sinking (Israeli) ship
So is the ship of the Israeli state sinking? Certain leading lights in the western hemisphere clearly think so.

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