October 12, 2006

Israel bars Palestinian students while Engage welcomes an Israeli minister

I've been sent this link to a New York Times article from yesterday about Palestinians being barred from Israeli univerities on "security" grounds.
Sawsan Salameh, a Palestinian from the West Bank, was thrilled to get a full scholarship from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to begin a doctorate in theoretical chemistry. But a recent move by the Israeli Army to ban new Palestinian students from Israeli universities for security reasons is keeping her from studying at the campus, just two miles from her home.

“The first time I applied for a permit I was rejected,” said Ms. Salameh, 29, a Muslim wearing a firmly fastened head scarf and a black denim skirt that skimmed the floor. “I was shocked, because I thought there must be some kind of mistake, so I kept trying. I kept hoping.”

Her situation is familiar to many Palestinians whose freedom of movement has been limited in recent years because of the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Coinicidentally the zionists at Engage decided to report on their little soirée with an Israeli minister and World Zionist Congress affiliates, the Union of Jewish Students. Perhaps they're coming clean at last.

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