November 30, 2006

Watch Human Rights Watch

Whose human rights does Human Rights Watch watch out for? I ask because Norman Finkelstein has an article in Counterpunch that demolishes the credibility of HRW by comparing the way they treat Israeli and Palestinian actions. Here's the start:
Even by the grim standards of Gaza, the past five months have been cruel ones.

Some four hundred Palestinians, mostly unarmed civilians, have been killed during Israeli attacks. (Four Israeli soldiers and two civilians have been killed.) Israel has sealed off Gaza from the outside world while the international community has imposed brutal sanctions, ravaging Gaza's already impoverished economy.
Here's the finish:
HRW executive director Kenneth Roth "commended" Israel during its last invasion for warning people in south Lebanon to flee--before turning it into a moonscape, slaughtering the old, infirm and poor left behind. It would seem that Palestinian leaders and people, too, merit some recognition for embracing the tactics of Gandhi and King in a last desperate bid to save themselves from annihilation

Email HRW Middle East director Sarah Leah - and HRW executive director Kenneth
The bits in the middle are worth a look at too.


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