December 01, 2006

Israel demands biggest slice of holocaust industry proceeds

According to the Jewish Chronicle (subscription only), Israel is demanding a larger proportion of holocaust restitution money than that allocated to holocaust survivors in the diaspora:
Israel launched an extraordinary campaign this week to demand a greater share of Holocaust restitution funds than the diaspora.

In an unprecedented move, Israeli pensioners minister Rafi Eitan and the heads of leading institutions signed a joint declaration calling for 60 per cent of the grants made by the New York-based Claims Conference, the international body mainly responsible for distributing compensation payments.

“All the decisions come from America,” they stated. “It can’t be that they dictate to Israel what Israel needs.”
That's a curious notion, the idea that who lost what in the holocaust should be determined by "what Israel needs."

Keep in mind the fact that Norman Finkelstein has been accused of antisemitism for shining a light on the pocket-lining and zionism supporting activities of various holocaust industrialists. Now, and for some time, the voice of the Jewish establishment in the UK is shining a light on the same issues.

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