February 01, 2007

Atzmon aktion alert!

I already did an Atzmon aktion update then I realised that Atzmon aktion alert is more alliterative (if I've spelt that right).

I know it's not good keep thinking about that antisemitic low-life, Gilad Atzmon, but he's trying to silence Sue Blackwell of all people. I found some of his antisemitism annoying quite honestly. And then I was dismayed that the SWP would cover for him. My annoyance only started to turn to anger when I stumbled on his anti-Arab stereotyping under the name Jihad Abu Az Zamman. The language used by the latter was too stereotypical to be a real Arab. See this, it's an attack on long-standing anti-zionist activist Tony Greenstein:
This Tony Greenslime really gets on my nerves. I have never heard about him before I came to this pepa. Why all the time he is moaning like a woman. Is he a woman? He never says anything positive. I tell you, if I am stuck with this Green moron and Abu Ibn Iby on a desert island, first we go for Greenpiss together and only then I go for iby.

I saw this Green pee here last time talking about working class, I tell you, this Jewish socialists, they are not working class, they are surfing class. I bet this people didn’t have a day job in their life.

yala greeny, say something nice
jihad Abu Az Zamman | 01.29.07 - 11:33 pm | #
That conforms to the quality of debate where I found it but what makes me think it's Atzmon? Well many people have suggested that Atzmon is simply having a laugh in all this. Obviously there are some who find the SWP's discomfiture over their association with this low-life quite amusing. So I thought perhaps he thinks if he can slip antisemitism into the Palestine solidarity movement, maybe he could get away with anti-Arab racism too. Well on the site where I found that, he can. But what makes me think it's him? I googled the names Gilad Atzmon and Jihad Abu az Zamman together and found a "Truth Seeker" article. The bloody idiot seems to have forgotten to get the hosts to remove either his name or "Jihad's" name from the header. It seems he submitted an article and omitted to tell them to run with one name or the other but not both. Now this goes some way to explaining the SWP's position on giving a platform to this racist low-life. The SWP position is that organised racists and fascists shoudn't be given a platform. But clearly, Gatekeeper Gilad, can't even organise his thoughts without making a balls of it. Further confirmation is available on the Shamir site.*

Now regarding this "Gilad's having a laugh" school of thought, as Gilad explains in his protocols, it seems that Gilad's brain occupies 2.9% of his total head. How do we explain that he gets so many articles published in Counterpunch? And on Peace Palestine it's even worse. I think we have to take the idea that Gatekeeper Gilad takes himself too seriously very seriously indeed. Especially now he is using lawyers to try to silence a critic.

This neo-nazi clown really wants to be taken seriously but he knows that as long as people expose his antics, no principled and serious person can take him seriously.

* A little update: A friend of Atzmon's has just popped in to say that his Jihad stereotype is another one of his "brilliant satires" like the "Protocols" etc. Yawn.

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