May 07, 2007

JC III - this time it's personal

Jews sans frontieres and I got mentioned in the Jewish Chronicle on Friday. This is the third time either my blog or my name have been mentioned which just goes to show how mainstream I am. The first time my blog was mentioned but not my name. That was the first time that the JC ran its now regular column (well, corner) on what Jewish blogs are saying. The next time was when a letter of mine was published on a stupid remark by David Aaronovitch about Independent Jewish Voices. And this time both my blog and my name have appeared in the Jewish blog corner section as follows:
The British anti-Zionist blogger Mark Elf, at Jews Sans Frontieres, commented on the Guardian’s analysis of the report: “Olmert and his Defence Minister Amir Peretz have been criticised on the grounds that there was no detailed military plan before him. ‘He failed to consult others or to take into account colleagues’ reservations. He did not clearly set out the aims of the war, and the proposed goals were “not feasible”.’ So Zionists are going to have to jump through hoops to show how other countries embark on wars with unfeasible goals and no specific or detailed plans. That is, they are going to have to show which countries or movements seem to see violence as an end in itself.”
Interesting that the JC ran with that. It wasn't my best post and a chap called Justin shot the way I expressed myself down in flames pretty quickly but my point was that for the zionist ideology, violence by Jews against non-Jews is an end in itself and I find it interesting that the Jewish Chronicle would run such a statement without counter-comment.

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