November 13, 2008

Israel blocks tunnels and media

Well just fancy that! Israel has invaded Gaza, killed a few Hamas people, closed a tunnel, cut off food deliveries and restricted fuel supplies. Now it's being reported that Hamas has broken the truce and it's because of this that Israel has cut off the food supplies.

According to Amira Hass in Ha'aretz, the tunnels are a lifeline for Gazans:
People here do not depend on miracles. The Tel el Hawa grocery store ran out of candles shortly after people realized their refrigerator had stopped running. Even the big supermarket in the exclusive Rimal neighborhood had no candles by the end of the morning. In the afternoon, a package of Egyptian candles came through the tunnels. A shekel a candle, but an hour and a half later, by sunset, the price had quadrupled.
So first up Israel moved to close a tunnel that Gazans may well have depended on for food and fuel. They killed a few Hamas people in the process. Palestinians have responded with home-made rocket fire. And it's Palestinians that are "in violation of a four-month-old truce."

How do they pull these strokes in media of record?

By the way, Israel has now barred journalists from entering Gaza.

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