January 17, 2009

LSE occupation continues and spreads

The occupation of the London School of Economics continues and moves into the mainstream. Here's the UK's Independent:
More than 40 students were continuing their sit-in at the London School of Economics today in protest at the conflict in Gaza.

A rally was due to take place this afternoon attended by veteran politician Tony Benn and anti-war campaigner Lindsey German.

The students are demanding that LSE director Howard Davies issues a statement condemning Israeli violence on Gaza.

The protest began last night when a group of students entered the LSE's Old Theatre in central London and occupied the stage.

In a statement the students said: "LSE is an institution founded on the Fabian values that were the precursor of the human rights agenda of modern politics.

"LSE must restate those values and condemn state criminality. It is not a matter of politics, it is a matter of humanity."

A university spokesman said a "small group" of students were staging a "limited occupation" and lectures were continuing as normal.

He said: "The students have presented six demands to the school, all of which relate to the conflict in Gaza. The school has sent a formal response to these demands."

In a letter replying to the demands, Mr Davies said the school's council had reiterated its position that the school "will not take a position" on the conflict.

He expressed his concerns at the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

It would be tempting to say that these uni officials are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea but I'd probably be accused of demonisation.

Anyway, the contagion is spreading. As I write there's an occupation in progress at Essex University.

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