January 16, 2009

Outlaw aerial bombardment - it doesn't work

Simon Jenkins in the Guardian wants aerial bombardment made illegal so that Israel et al won't do it anymore:

From Vietnam and Iraq to Gaza today, history testifies that aerial bombing is an ineffective, intolerable military tactic

Ok, that was the sub-title. You know, the blurby bit that sets the tone for the whole article.

Now let's see the opening lines of the article itself:
A Palestinian woman is standing in her kitchen when she hears a deafening bang. Rushing to her living room she sees her family in pieces, spread across floors, walls and ceiling. The horror is total and meaningless. Nobody meant it to happen, so what was its cause?
Actually the zionists meant it to happen. Killing natives is the whole point of zionism. Well it's at least half the point. It's cause was the zionist cause, not much of a cause to be calling a cause but a cause nevertheless.

Someone remind me, what is Simon Jenkins for exactly?

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