February 08, 2009

False flag operation against synagogue in Venezuela?

Antisemitism is big news after the Gaza massacres. But how much of it is manufactured? In Caracas, a major synagogue was attacked and defaced.

The result:
The attack produced a deluge of condemnation of President Hugo Chavez, a vocal critic of Israeli foreign policy who last month expelled Israel's ambassador over the war in Gaza. Members of the U.S. Congress said in a letter that Chavez had fostered a climate of fear against the Jewish community, and the World Jewish Congress was also critical.

Why should there be condemnations of Chavez, who strongly condemned the vandalism? Because this is the line now. Everybody in the media says it: if you criticize Israel with the tone that it deserves, you create a "climate of antisemitism." Chavez is the iconic leftist leader, and therefore can be used to "prove" the line.

Now, I wouldn't moderate one word in anything I wrote about Israel even if I knew it would stoke antisemitism. And nobody else should. We won't be silent in the face of horrible crimes. We must explain clearly why our words are not an attack on Jews. Beyond that, the blame is with those who want to hear a racist message. But the truth is the very opposite of the new media line. Everyone can read the substantial quantity of cow manure that is published daily on the web about the Jewish control of the world. It should be obvious even to our not so bright journalists that Western support for Israel, Obama's silence on Gaza, the whitewashed, propagandistic reporting of the mainstream media, the slavish support for child-murderers in the U.S. Congress, etc., are what nourishes the spread of antisemitic themes, and not the criticism of Israel.

The very same people whose actions, whose identification with and support for the murder of 400 children, in addition to being simply unforgivable, also feed hatred and give ammunition to white supremacists, now accuse Chavez, and the left in general, of stoking antisemitism.

Wouldn't it be convenient if someone burnt a synagogue just in time to help them make the case?

Venezuelan investigators on Sunday said seven police agents and four civilians were arrested in connection with an attack on a synagogue that sparked international condemnation.

The Venezuelan public prosecutor's office said the civilians included at least one security official from the synagogue and that all had been captured in raids over the weekend. "These people were apprehended during raids carried out between Saturday and the early hours of Sunday in different parts of Caracas. They will all be charged by the Public Prosecutor's office," the office said in a statement. (Haaretz )
Anybody familiar with Venezuelan politics knows that the police is a stronghold of the opposition. Chavez had to introduce army units to do police work because the Caracas police only protects the rich suburbs and participates in racketeering. So now we have seven police officers and a guard at the synagogue suspect of involvement in attacking the synagogue. The information is still too sketchy for a conclusion, but this begins to look like a classical U.S. sponsored false flag job.

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