February 09, 2009

Boycott news: UK co-op signs up

I don't know the name of this co-operative and Ynet ain't saying but it is saying this:
Israel's Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip has had its effect on local exporters, with Britain being one of the leading nations in this aspect.

The British retailers' cooperative sent a letter to the Carmel Winery distributor last week saying: Up to this day we have not taken any products containing significant parts manufactured in the occupied territories. From now on, we will also avoid marketing products with any part of their components purchased in the occupied territories.
Not only that, but also this:
Britain also plans to promote Palestinian goods. "We are opening commerce channels with Palestinian farmers in hopes of launching the first fair-trade Palestinian product later during the year," the letter said.
sadly they go on to say:
the signatories, who stressed they had no problem marketing goods produced in Israel,
But they
requested an affidavit from distributors stating that none of the goods or any of there components were manufactured in the "illegally occupied" territories.
Could be harder hitting, should be harder hitting but we've all got to make a living.

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