April 25, 2009

Ahmadinjed got something right...almost

That's true. Anyone can state the obvious, you don't have to be the president of a state to get something right. And of course when you get so much wrong it's easy for listeners to cop a deaf'un when you do get something right. Anyway, see this letter in today's Independent:
The Iranian government is wrong on many things. They've beaten Iranians, tortured them, jailed them without fair trial and murdered them. And President Ahmadinejad is wrong in doubting the Holocaust happened, but he's right about one thing: Israel's treatment of Israeli and Palestinian Arabs is racist.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and UN special rapporteur Professor John Dugard both visited Israel and the Israeli occupied Palestinian territories. Both compared it to the apartheid system they'd lived under.

When an Arab Knesset member proposed a binational state, with citizenship for Jews and Arabs, the Defence Minister Ehud Barak portrayed Israeli Arabs as a "fifth column"' inside the "Jewish state".

Duncan McFarlane

Carluke, South Lanarkshire

Hmm, that "Israel does naughty stuff" type argument doesn't quite do it for me really. What's this guy saying? There's an occupation and some high profiles have ticked Israel off about it. Further the most "left wing" member of the current Israeli government has incited racial hatred against the remnant of what was the Arab majority in that part of Palestine that fell to zionist occupation in 1948.

Now that reminds of what I heard the translator say when Ahmadinejad made his speech. He made a reference to a "racist government" or maybe "regime". Obviously Israel has a racist government and a racist regime but constitutionally it can't have anything else and reference to its government, the regime, the occupation, the racism of this or that politician all miss the point that Israel is a full-blown racist state. But as far as he went Ahmadinejad got something right and lost a chunk of audience for it.

I must say that it is nice to see so many letters in the Independent criticising Israel these days. It doesn't quite make up for the pro-zionist position of Comment is free over at the Guardian but it does show that the anti-zionist word is being spread and people shouldn't be too disheartened about the deterioration at Comment is free. It is much worse under Matt Seaton than it was under Georgina Henry but the Guardian has never been as critical of Israel as has been made out by zionists.

So, anything else in the Indie? Yes, a letter from Rosalind Preston OBE, Co-chair, Jewish Human Rights Coalition UK, Place des Nations, Geneva complaining that Ahmadinejad didn't mention the holocaust, at least I think she said that, and she applauded the people that walked out on account of Ahmadinejad's "genocidal mindset".

Finally there's a letter from my friend Ben Counsell exposing yet more published zionist dishonesty:
In his attempt to defend Zionism, Dr Jacob Amir asserts that the West Bank barrier is a "security barrier between Israel and the West Bank" (Letters, 17 April). The barrier does not run "between" Israel and the West Bank, but cuts deep into the West Bank.

The Israeli President, Shimon Peres, has said of the barrier: "The line is following a certain vision of the future. When that happens, it stops being a security fence and becomes a political fence. Nobody will admit that it is being built for these [political] reasons; nobody will admit that it is a political line."
Well thank goodness for an Israeli president with Shimon Peres's integrity. This covert openness repeats and repeats among zionist leaders. You get the absurd situation where some zionist leader says to a public audience, "we should do this, that or the other, but we should not say so publicly". And a supine western media has played along. But since Gaza some cracks are now appearing in the hasbara edifice and the widest of them appears to be at the Independent.

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