April 26, 2009

Busting Durban myths

I haven't even read Hasbara Buster's post that I only just noticed in my sidebar. It's headed Durban Myths. I liked the headline so much I just had to blog it. So I'll read the post as I write about it, well almost. So here are the myths, enumerated:
1. Durban I produced an antisemitic document that only sought to bash Israel

2. It's outrageous that of all world leaders, none other than Ahmadinejad was invited to deliver the inaugural speech

3. The UN are a bunch of incurable antisemites anyway, so it's no use attending their conferences because it will change nothing

There you go, three myths and he busts them all just like it says on the tin. But go see for yourself and maybe add to the 24, or maybe 25 comments.

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