February 22, 2012

Cassandra Wilson gets career threats for boycotting Israel

Good news from across the pond, sadly tainted by threats and bogus allegations of antisemitism.  First the good news from Ha'aretz:
Grammy-winning jazz singer Cassandra Wilson has called off her scheduled concert in Holon tonight, after receiving requests from pro-Palestinian activists asking that she join an artistic boycott of Israel.
Wilson, an American jazz singer known for her unmistakably husky voice, had been scheduled to perform at the Holon International Women’s Festival.
And now the nasty tweets:
 You are a racist and an anti-Semite and you still find work? Something must be done about that.

 u r right, the EU states that her anti-Israel behavior IS antisemitic  

I've covered the dodgy definition so many times it's a bore I know but see how a zionist has now upped its status from a document hanging in EU cyberspace to something which "the EU states". Long live the UCU!

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