February 24, 2012

British company JCB and the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem

From UK charity, War on Want:


At 6am on Monday February 13th, the Israeli authorities demolished the Madaa creative centre and children’s playground in Silwan, East Jerusalem. The demolitions, which will make way for a controversial tourist site, were carried out using UK-made JCB equipment.
WAR ON WANT HAS WRITTEN TO JCB demanding an investigation of the use of JCB equipment to demolish Palestinian homes and communities in Jerusalem. We're asking supporters to show solidarity with Silwan by EMAILING JCB and writing on the JCB FACEBOOK PAGE


The playground was the last children’s play area in Silwan, and built with funding from the American NGO MECA for Peace. This demolition comes on top of eviction orders which have been issued to 88 families in the Silwan area. The Silwan district of East Jerusalem now faces the biggest mass evictions since 1967, with over 1,000 people set to be displaced. Any such demolitions are prohibited by the fourth Geneva Convention and therefore illegal under international humanitarian law.
The world is watching what is happening in Silwan. It is up to us to show the Israeli authorities that the international community condemns any further demolitions or use of intimidation in Silwan. This is critical, since the community in Silwan will be rebuilding the playground and creative centre in time for their Mother’s Day celebrations in March. 
VISIT THE MECA FOR PEACE WEBSITE to write to the Israeli officials responsible for the area condemning the demolitions in Silwan.
Please FOLLOW @SAVESILWAN for action updates and news from Silwan.
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