February 24, 2012

The Israeli Confederate

No real surprise here except for the guy's openness and sporadic displays of self-awareness.  See this from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
The first time I met Arieh O’Sullivan was in the predawn darkness of a winter morning in Jerusalem in 1997, when he came to pick me up in a jeep emblazoned with the Confederate flag on its spare tire.......
O’Sullivan, 50, has moved on in his career. He is now the Mideast bureau chief for The Media Line, a nonprofit that supplies news outlets with stories about the Middle East. But a few things have stuck with him: his sharp eye, a commitment to journalism and that jeep with the Confederate flag. It also has a statue of General Robert E. Lee glued to the dashboard.
“I’ve always been proud of the fact that I come from the South,” said O’Sullivan, who was born and raised in New Orleans and moved to Mississippi before making aliyah in 1981. “There’s some kind of kinship between Israel and the Confederacy: Both are mired in self-pity, victimology and obsession with history.”
"People think the Sons of Confederate Veterans is just a bunch of Ku Klux Klan types and rednecks," O'Sullivan told me in an interview a few weeks before his induction. "I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’m going to show that it's not an extremist organization but just one to remember veterans who served in the South."
What can you say about a guy who joins an organisation not knowing whether or not if it's "just a bunch of Ku Klux Klan types".

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