March 02, 2012

Today's word is ...Zionophobia

This one is for Stephen Colbert. Last month the Simon Wisenthal Center organized an event in New York City (which I haven't attended and don't know whether it even took place), with the lexicorgraphically innovative title,

Zionophobia -- Debasing the Ideals of the Arab Spring

With the ever frothing-at-the mouth Judea Pearl and another equally towering intellectual, Steve Kroft. Check the pdf.

I am sure many Arabs would feel touched knowing that the Rupert Murdoch bootlicking, imperialist attack dog, Arab-hating, and for good measure just as racist against African Americans Simon Wisenthal Center is worried about "the ideals of the Arab Spring"-- and not just worried, but organizing to defend these ideals!

Naturally, the Center that builds a "museum of tolerance" over the Mamilla Muslim cemetery as part of Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign in East Jerusalem did not think that Arabs might have anything to say about the subject of the, hmm, "Arab" spring. I'm not complaining that they did not invite As'ad Abu Khalil. That's just survival instinct. But for piss sake, they didn't even bother to put on stage one of their native informants, thus depriving us of an opportunity for knowing what, for example, Walid Shoebat thinks about the "Arab Spring," or Birgitte Gabriel. (On the other hand, since Shoebat turned himself officially into the business venture that he always was, it might be that Rabbi Hier worries that the competition would eat his lunch. I wouldn't worry. Uncle Sam takes care of his minions.)

But let us return to today's word, Zionophobia. Is that a belated recognition that the campaign to depict opposition to Zionism as inherently antisemitic is not doing well? Is the new word something that Frank Luntz advised? Inquiring minds want to know everything about the new word. So if you went to this event, please comment below.

And a modest proposal. If the Simon Wisenthal Center is leading the charge against Zionophobia, may I suggests a few additional targets? How about a campaign against pedocidophobia, which is, to paraphrase a famous if defunct EUMC definition, "a certain perception of sodliers which may be expressed as hatred towards soldiers who shoot and kill children."

Since we're at it, It is also high time for a campaign against Jimcrowphobia, Apartheidophobia, and phosphorbombophobia, not to mention settlercolonialismophobia and separate-roads-for-jewish-settlers-phobia. Nobody is more qualified to take on such deep rooted and balefool scourges than the Simon Wisenthal Center.

This joke, by the way, was advertised, in addition to the usual suspects, by "Transform, Vision & Practice for Transformative Social Change," a website of Transformative Change, which appears to be one of the hundreds of "progressive" business opportunities that spring from the "charitable" piss (a.k.a. the non-profit industrial complex) taken by our billonaire class when they are not busy murdering people by remote control. Of course, I may be wrong and Transform is just a bunch of really clueless people who were charmed by Rabbi Hier's deep siprituality. (In that case, you can disabuse them -- politely, please, politely -- at +1.510.549.3733.)

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