January 19, 2013

Atzmon declares SWP's Martin Smith a "rape victim"

Ah bless Atzmon's little cotton booties. Yeah sure he can be provocative but...but what?  When a group of Palestinians declared him persona non grata I thought he was toast.  His only remaining friends were a ragbag of homophobes and racists at deLiberation.info and VeteransToday.com.  Now even the brazen doyens of Harry's Place, David Toube and Michael Ezra, wouldn't be seen drinking with him.  Not only has he declared the SWP's Martin Smith innocent of rape he has claimed that: 
If anything, it is Martin who is the rape victim in this saga
Wow! I tracked a hit today (well, yesterday) from Atzmon's site so I went there and saw the post which that quote comes from. He's gone into overdrive. He claims that Martin Smith is being picked on for promoting Atzmon. It's a good enough reason and I wish it was the reason but the reason appears to be far worse, objectively worse. A failure and refusal to adequately deal with rape allegations is worse than promoting antisemitism. For Atzmon, the idea that even the small world of the SWP might not revolve round him is a fate worse than anything.

So let's have the full quote so you see the context within which Atzmon declares Martin Smith the rape victim:
it didn’t take long to realise that Martin Smith was not being pursued because he is a ‘sex offender’ – he surely isn’t – no, our so-called ‘progressive’ tribals chase Smith because he is a Jazz lover and an enthusiastic fan of my music. They harass him because he gave me a platform in spite of the Jewish demand to ban me. They want to bring Martin Smith down simply because he didn’t obey his tribal masters. So If anything, it is Martin who is the rape victim in this saga – he is punished because he refused to bow down to the tribal junta.
Atzmon's evidence for this tribal conspiracy against him and Martin Smith is that the racist hypocrites at Harry's Place are so enjoying Martin Smith and the SWP's discomfiture at this whole business enveloping the SWP at present they have done several posts on it and devoted their latest banner head to it.  

I notice that Harry's Place seem to find the whole thing, especially the rape allegations, funny. Their banner heading depicts Martin Smith with a Jimmy Savile hairdo.  It must be hilarious for the alleged victims of both Jimmy Savile and Martin Smith to see their alleged predators being depicted as one composite figure of fun but then HPrs often seem to miss the huge chunk of wood in their own eyes.

Anyway, Atzmon's not best pleased with me either and he lumps me in with HP.  HP's David Toube (Lucy Lips) has done a post on Atzmon's defence of Smith today but he seems to have missed the most sexist bit.  I have done a post pointing out that Atzmon lost the SWP money on his SWP gigs:
As one would expect, our oh-so ‘progressive’ but oh-so vindictive Jews were mighty quick to celebrate their symptoms. Notorious AZZ Mark Elf today asked to see the SWP’s accounts - he really wants to know how much it cost ‘for the SWP to listen to Atzmon’. Isn’t it this just what you’d expect from this ‘Jew Sans Frontiers’?
Actually I don't care what it cost. I just want everyone to know that Atzmon lost the SWP money. 

Back when the SWP was promoting Atzmon and saying he wasn't a racist we warned that he would cost them politically.  We never imagined that it would cost them financially. But it turns out that Atzmon is unpopular with Palestinians, Jews and even members of the SWP who are being three line whipped into pretending to like him. So I don't need to see their accounts. The mere fact that Atzmon has dodged the point I was making confirms all I wanted to know. 

Atzmon lost the SWP money and that happened because of a kind of personality cult around Martin Smith and the lack of party democracy that allowed that situation to happen.

There is just one more thing that Atzmon said in his post that I want to address.

See this:
The exact same Judeocentric tribal coalition that, a year and a half ago, was formed to wreck my career (and failed) 
According to Atzmon's former friend, Mary Rizzo, Atzmon has a property portfolio. I don't know if he's a landlord or a speculator or what. Now many of us who oppose the various forms of racism he promotes are on the left. It's true we want to end the misery of landlordism and property speculation but he really shouldn't take it so personally.

It's late here now and I'm not sure which links to provide.  I'll sleep on it and put some links in tomorrow.  UPDATE - links done, some are cache some are not.

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