January 17, 2013

How much did Gilad Atzmon lose the SWP?

There's been a lot written about the UK's Socialist Workers Party recently which I don't wish to go over here but Richard Seymour, (Lenin's Tomb) has invited interested SWP members not simply to comment at the Tomb but to write whole posts to it about how they view the future within or without the SWP.

A chap called Keith Watermelon, among others, has taken him up on it and written about all sorts of things that had been going wrong over the past few years.  This bit I found particularly interesting:
A number of CC members are big fans of jazz music.  Under their leadership over the past few years, the party has organised a number of (mostly loss-making) jazz gigs as fundraising events. Regardless of their own musical tastes, comrades were told they were disloyal if they didn't purchase tickets.  This elevates the cultural tastes of the official leadership to a point of political principle; and clearly is not in any way a healthy state of affairs.
What had been a rumbling crisis for some time went nuclear when Socialist Unity published a transcript of the SWP's Disputes Committee's handling of rape and sexual harassment allegations.

Well, I'm assuming these "(mostly loss making) jazz gigs" revolved around Gilad Atzmon.  I wonder if any SWP mole wants to publish the accounts then we can see the SWP's financial loss for Martin Smith's love affair with Gilad Atzmon.

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