January 11, 2013

Israeli elections: Livni promises a miracle

From Ha'aretz:
Therefore, says Livni, I've come back into the arena, more focused on the task and devoting less attention to personal matters and background noises. I really believe I can bring Israel back into the bosom of the world within months. I can bring us back our international legitimacy and the regional standing that we are losing. 
 Hmm, a little bit cryptic. What regional standing is she referring to?  A friendly Jordan, a friendly Turkey, a friendly Egypt, friendly Gulf states?  Maybe she just means that Israel can keep the balance of death in its favour even if it does keep losing wars because of the fear of ground invasions.  But the miracle I refer to is this return to "international legitimacy".  Israel's fond of impossible returns like allowing the world's Jews the right to return to a place most Jews have never been.  But "legitimacy".  Don't be silly, Tzipi.  Israel has never had and can never have legitimacy.  In the land of miracles you might turn water to wine or raise the dead but the idea of a legitimate Israel is just absurd.

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