February 05, 2013

Arabic language not allowed at Haifa Uni

Here's an article from the International Middle East Media Center
An Arab student studying at the Haifa University was prevented from speaking his mother tongue while at the Academic Counseling Center, and was explicitly told that “Arabic is not allowed in here”.

Student Imad Shaqqour, from Sakhnin, said that the employee looked at him as she passed by, and said that he is not allowed to speak in Arabic in this building. The building is an official branch of the Haifa University.

Shakkour said that he headed to the office seeking guidance before the exams, and added that every student who needs help is entitled to seek and obtain this help, especially before exams as the university provides councilors for this specific reason. 

Shaqqour asked for an Arabic counselor, and was about to call him when the employee stopped him and said “I’m sorry, Arabic is not allowed in here, I hope this is fine with you, but this is how we do it here”, the Arabs48 news website reported.
Now what's Arabic for boycott?

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