February 08, 2013

Who cares about zionist antisemitism?

I read a wonderful comment on the tolerance zionists have towards antisemitism when it is expressed by one of their own.  It was on a Harry's Place's post again falsely accusing the Guardian's Steve Bell of antisemitism whilst failing to notice Rupert Murdoch's.  This chap who calls himself Discredited Andrew came out with this little gem:

Discredited Andrew  a day ago

I keep noticing these little digs at Jews from certain quarters for not being pro-Israel and/or hawkish enough. Apparently Jews are obliged to push a neo-con agenda in order to be accepted as equals. Nasty stuff. Not that anybody here cares.

I've posted the whole exchange here because HP deletes all comments after a week.  Please check out all of the comments and see how the HP faithful defend antisemtism when it's from a friend like Rupert Murdoch.

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