July 19, 2013

FUCUPs Feedback?

Well no real news from the Fraser v UCU post mortem except this comment to Hasbara Central aka Harry's Place:


I was at a post Fraser v UCU symposium on antisemitism last week. There was much debate whether antisemitism was best countered as a form of racism in line with UK legislation or, because the anti racism narrative has gone in a particular direction, it should best be treated as a sui generis type of predjudice and discrimination. That aside, a trade unionist well known here who campaigns for Israel and Jewish trade union links with Palestinians, opined that things were much worse these days as back in his day, it was considered shameful to be antisemitic but today it has lost its stigma and the accusee would shrug "so what".
There was a chorus of vigorous disagreement, including from me. We said the stigma was now so great that everyone would vehemently deny the accusation (Galloway would probably sue you) and it was this very denial, this lack of acknowledgement of its variegate manifestations, that was the problem.
So what to do? Do they falsely accuse Israel's opponents, critics and victims of the old antisemitism, ie racism against Jews or do they run with a new antisemitism as in simply being an opponent, critic or victim of the racist war criminals of the State of Israel?

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