July 19, 2013

Blair role as Israel lobbyist exposed....by Cameron

It took a little time but Tony Blair has finally disagreed with UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, about something.  Look at The Guardian:
Since his departure from No 10 just over six years ago, Tony Blair has gone out of his way to be polite about his successors.
But the former PM's patience finally snapped on Thursday when David Cameron sought to fend off questions about the business interests of the Tories' chief election strategist Lynton Crosby by drawing a comparison with Blair. Cameron said the former PM was a "good example" to compare to Crosby, saying "he does lobby me from time to time".
A spokesperson for Blair then hit back, saying nobody could "seriously compare" Blair's work as Middle East envoy with that of a business lobbyist. "Tony Blair does not 'lobby' David Cameron," the spokesperson said. "You cannot seriously compare Tony Blair's role as quartet representative, which requires him to talk to governments around the world about the Middle East peace process, to that of a lobbyist."
So there we have it. According to the British government Blair is no more than a sleazy Israel lobbyist. Of course, Blair denies it but who can believe anything Blair says?

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