August 03, 2013

The Return of Moose Hall - Low on Politics, High on Life or er something

He's too modest is Mooser.   He had a blog some years ago which he abandoned for reasons known only to himself and his lawyer.  Well he's straightened out his legal issues, mostly, and he's back.  For a frequenter of and commenter at various political blogs there's not much politics going on at Moose Hall but he's been a good comrade and friend to Jews sans frontieres over the years and he gave us a nice little plug in his the first post on the resurrected Moose Hall:

As anyone can plainly see, I am in the throes of another episode of scribenzi furiouso and have decided to re-open Moosehall.
It's probably the worst decision I have the capacity make at this time, which should be at least some reassurance to anybody who knows me.
Allow me to introduce myself (That voice! Where have I heard that voice?): I am Derbig Mooser.  And I might, nay, I will, add: none bigger around here!

Now, let us review the story of the first reincarnation  ("rein" is a light pink) of Moosehall, which took place as George Bush was about to invade Iraq:  Moosehall was bravely opened, and flew its freak flag high. I said many profound, insightful, intelligent and humorous things. Than I lost the password, than Blogger became part of Google. So I did the only sensible thing, and forgot all about it.  But that was 2003, and now it's 2013! What does that tell you?  That a kiss, is still a kiss? A sigh, still a sigh?  Well, podner, around here we think moonlight and love songs are never out of date!
And so Moosehall is officially open.  Let's upload.
Oh, wait, it's a blog, there's comment, I need a comment policy.  Ho-kay!  I can't do any better than adopt the one which has served  Mark Elf so well at his blog, the august and indispensable Jewes sans Frontieres  at which I am a barely-tolerated commenter:

No liars, time-wasters, or bigots!  Works for me. All right, start the presses!
That's a straight copy and paste so the eccentric spelling, typos and spelling mistakes are all Mooser's own.

Now, why did I say "He's too modest"?  That first post of the second incarnation was back in April and he's only just got round to telling us here.

Well, a belated welcome back, Mooser, but the belatedness is all your fault.

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