April 17, 2014

Beth Din Boycotts RIBA

In today's print edition of the Jewish Chronicle there's a report that the Beth Din won't cater for Riba boycotters.  It's not in the on line edition.  It's by that Marcus Dysch chap so maybe the JC doesn't want it too permanently on the record.

Anyway, one of the authorities responsible for supervising kosher catering are refusing to make commitments to supervise offerings of food at future events at Riba because of Riba's support for the suspension of their Israeli counterparts from the Union of International Architects.  There are other kosher supervisors some of whom are anti-zionist so lets see how this turns out.

Elsewhere in the paper but not on line there's a report of Ed Miliband's trip to the last of the colonial settler states and the fact that he wouldn't be drawn on whether he calls himself a zionist or not.  But earlier this week he was happy to promote the zionist fiction that Israel is "the homeland for the Jewish people" during a meeting with Hebrew University of Jerusalem students on Thursday".   Now of course Ed Miliband is Jewish.  Suppose he becomes Prime Minister.  How much time could he spend in his "homeland" if he's the PM of another country altogether.  Aha, I know.  Outsourcing. The UK outsources its Prime Minister to Israel.

And one last piece from both the print and on line editions, Boy George is gonna be shaking his homonationalist bootie in the Holy Land for the gay pride shindig.  Cop this:
It looks like singer Boy George could soon be changing his lyrics to “Shawarma Chameleon”, following news that he is to open gay pride events in Israel this year.

Ah, sigh, vey iz mir .  Boycott busting, cultural appropriation. Is nothing sacred to these pop stars in the holy land?

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