April 17, 2014

Updating The Jewish Chronicle

Hey this is a curious thing.

I posted earlier about a JC print edition article headed, Beth Din won't cater for Riba boycotters and I noted then that the article hadn't appeared in the on line edition.  Then within the last couple of hours, Frank Fisher posted a link to the on line article to the Just Peace UK list.  I clicked the link in the email but it took me to the JC's homepage so I googled, Beth Din won't cater for Riba boycotters.

Look what happened:
  1. Jewish Chronicle ‎- 5 hours ago
    A Beth Din has revealed that it will no longer cater kosher events at the headquarters of the British architecture institute which has adopted an ...
See that "5 hours ago"?

See what came up next:

More news for "Beth Din won't cater for Riba boycotters"

Jews sans frontieres: Beth Din Boycotts RIBA

10 hours ago - In today's print edition of the Jewish Chronicle there's a report that the Beth Din won't cater for Riba boycotters. It's not in the on line edition.
See? 10 hours ago.

Now follow the link to the JC:

Beth Din won’t cater for Riba boycotters

So why didn't google say, 3 days ago? And why couldn't I find Marcus Dysch's article when I posted my post 10 hours ago?

In the same post I mentioned,
Elsewhere in the paper but not on line there's a report of Ed Miliband's trip to the last of the colonial settler states and the fact that he wouldn't be drawn on whether he calls himself a zionist or not.
 See? Not on line again.  Well it is now.  Let's google again and look:
  1. Jewish Chronicle ‎- 2 hours ago
    More than three years since becoming Labour leader, last week Ed Miliband made his first official foreign trip — to Israel. He could hardly have ...
 2 hours ago?  And follow the link to the JC :

Ed connects — but still won’t say the Z-word

I don't what the JC's playing at but it looks like they're backdating their content.  Of course there could be a perfectly good technical or, given it's Pesach (Passover), religious reason but the JC has such form for dishonesty it's hard to know what's gone on or why.

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