January 19, 2015

When Abba Eban opposed the use of antisemitism to promote Jewish settlement in Palestine

Here's an interesting piece from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency archive, Jan 1960.  Abba Eban opposed the idea of using antisemitism to encourage Jews to settle in occupied Palestine unlike, for example, Bibi Netanyahu:
Abba Eban, former Israel Ambassador to the United States, expressed disagreement at the first world conference of the Association of Youth Pioneers with a resolution which contended it was a “false idea” that Jews could integrate into the general life of countries outside Israel.

Mr. Eban, now a Minister Without Portfolio, told the delegates that anti-Semitism should not be a slogan for the encouragement of immigration to Israel. He said the crisis confronting Jews outside of Israel was spiritual and not economic or social, and warned that there would be no security for Israel and the entire Jewish people if, for example, the safety of American Jewry were in danger.

It is in the spiritual field that Israel’s call to Jews should come, he said, stressing that emphasis should be put on the positive side of building Israel in appeals to Jews to settle in Israel.

He also seemed to hint at support for the Jewish lobby thesis of American support for Israel but I can't be sure of that.

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