March 18, 2016

Another day another bogus conflation of anti-Zionism and antisemitism

This time it's Dr David Hirsh in the Jewish Chronicle.  Dr Hirsh always used to deny being a Zionist but I never did work out how he differs from one nor do I recall him ever setting out a definition of Zionism that excluded himself.  But here he is on the Jewish Chronicle website happily denouncing anti-Zionism or opposition to Israel as being antisemitic, not simply leading to antisemitism which used to be his schtick:
Hostility to Israel is partly caused by antisemitism and is also itself a cause of further antisemitism.
Oh look, "partly".  So "Hostility to Israel is partly caused by antisemitism".  Only partly?  So what about the other parts of hostility to Israel?  Might they be caused by Israel's existence as a racist state based on colonial settlement, ethnic cleansing, segregationist laws and relentless violence towards non-Jewish natives and neighbours of Palestine?  Hirsh doesn't say, not in this article anyway.

Hirsh's latest masterpiece also appears on his own Engage website but not on the Israel lobby group BICOM's Fathom website.  Maybe he missed the deadline.

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