March 18, 2016

Zionists admit to redefining antisemitism to suit themselves

Look at this in the Jewish News, which claims to be Britain's biggest Jewish Newspaper:
The Board of Deputies has said anti-Israel sentiment should be classed as anti-Semitism and called for a new European Union definition of Jew hatred to reflect it.
So opposition to an essentially racist state should now be considered antisemitic.  And yet zionists always denied this with regard to the discredited and ditched EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism.

But what's this further down the article:
The current Working Definition of Anti-Semitism was created by the EU’s Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) to guide law enforcement agencies, but has no legal basis.
 I've posted a comment pointing out their error:
The so-called EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism was not created by the EUMC but foisted on it by the American Jewish Committee. It was hosted on the EUMC website without comment for some time before being removed as part of a "clear out of "non-official" documents. The BBC made this clear to me in an email back in 2013. Here's a fuller quote: 
the so-called “working definition of anti-semitism” referred to in the finding and cited by the complainant was published on the website of the EU Monitoring Committee for Racism and Xenophobia in 2005. This body was replaced by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (the FRA) in 2007. A press officer at the FRA has explained that this was a discussion paper and was never adopted by the EU as a working definition, although it has been on the FRA website until recently when it was removed during a clear out of “non-official” documents. The link to the FRA site provided by the complainant in his appeal no longer works.
Of course you should run a correction.
Let's see if they run a correction.  I'm guessing they won't because zionists seem to set great store on the idea that the bogus document came from the EU itself.  Zionist university professor, Robert Fine made the false claim in his own European Sociological Association journal and another zionist academic, Ben Gidley (Bob from Brockley blog) knowingly made the same false claim in a report to the ludicrous bunch of chancers known as the All-Party Parliamentary Committee (or was it sub-committee) on "Antisemitism".

Anyway, at least the zios are now admitting to wanting to change the definition of what was anti-Jewish racism to protect Israel and its official racist ideology of Zionism and their supporters.

UPDATE: I checked at 19:20 to see if Jewish News had corrected their error and unfortunately my comment has disappeared.  I've reposted it. I thought they weren't supposed to work on the sabbath but maybe they deleted the comment before sundown.

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